Dienstag, 5. September 2017


Before Fall starts to kick in and this year's Butta 45's tour rolls around it is yet time for another edition of AdK - Auftakt der Kunst in Marburg. Taking place at Trauma, right before the Marburg Soul Allnighter, there will be some breaking action, live rap and graff outside. Scarce One takes care of the right breaks and beats and is going to spin some heat on wax. Stop by if you're in the area and check out what is going down this Saturday.

Dienstag, 15. August 2017

Ljubljana Recap

The moment when you arrive on Ljubljana, you can immediately tell that the Slovenian capital is a place where different routes from the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Balkans meet. While only relative small in size with just around 280,000 inhabitants, it is nonetheless a hot spot for culinary adeventures, beatiful architecture, fine arts and underground culture. In a nutshell, the frame was set for an amazing weekend experience at King of the Concrete 2017. While the event is at the same time both the official anniversary party of the local Flow from Below crew, as well as an international meet, greet, hang, chill and rock for the European Hip Hop scene. With people coming to town from the UK, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Finland and Norway, the vibe was truly outstanding and each and everyone involved did a tremendous job. Props to Flow from Below for pulling this one off and everybody who came to party and celebrate the movement.

Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

King of the Concrete 2017

There is catching the communter rail on the daily grind and then there is going the distance on a long train ride through Europe. Joined by his IfPR brother AG, Scarce One is about to do the latter as he will be rocking the King of the Concrete 2017 festivities this upcoming Saturday in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia. Making a long overdue return to the Balkans, Scarce is going to bring his all-vinyl crates filled with breaks, beats, park jam classics and signature party grooves all the way across Germany and Austria to spin both, parts of the main event as well as the after party late at night. An international line-up of bboys, bgirls, DJ's and graff writers from countries like Norway, Finland or Italy, will make sure that Hip Hop culture is in full swing during the entire weekend!  

Donnerstag, 13. Juli 2017

Stand Up To Get Down

Last Saturday, after many years, Dortmund, a city known for its vibrant Hip Hop scene in the 1990's, was finally the place for a breaking event. The local Masterplan Crew, headed by Sunz, cooperated with two community centers to throw another edition of STAND UP TO GET DOWN. Together with Thelonious Mark, IfPR's Scarce One took care of turntable duties and dropped strictly breaks and classic cuts on vinyl doubles. It was definitely a fun day since the vibe was really positive, the BBQ on point and international people from the Netherlands, Belgium and even Nepal in the house. Shouts to everybody who came through and the local organizer team. See you next year!

Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

Dubs & Downs

Hailing from Köln, Germany, Switchstance Records has been releasing quality independent music with a deep-rooted organic groove for more than fifteen years now. While constantly crossing convential genre boundaries, Switchstance simultaneously maintains a sound that pays true tribute to the many originators of Afrobeat, Reggae and the like.

On "Dubs & Downs", the newest EP release by KABANJAK, one half of the Ancient Astronauts DJ duo, the in-house multi-instrumentalist and creative wizzard drops the bomb with a heavy and unmistakably straight approach to classic Dub music. Featuring seven tracks and largely instrumental in nature, "Dubs & Downs" carefully draws inspiration from genre greats such as Lee "Scratch" Perry or King Tubby. However, despite some well-placed melodica references à la Augustus Pablo, KABANJAK sets his very own tone by masterfully incorporating horn sections and panpipes. Exhibiting an outstanding feel for both moment and mood, "Dubs & Downs" is just the right breeze to cool you down on a hot summer evening and getting soaked up by a deep, yet refreshing sound tapestry.

More information, including download options, are available on: www.switchstancerecordings.de

Donnerstag, 15. Juni 2017

Scarce One @ SOULed Out and Philadelphia Impressions

The final trip of Scarce One's Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017 took him to the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. Being the home town of his fellow Butta 45's slinger, Nostalgia King Skeme Richards, everything was set for great time to come. After hitting two of cities best record shops, Milkcrate Café, which also features a nice coffee and breakfast spot upstairs, and Brewerytown Beats, an equally great spot that also puts out dope records as a label, it was definitely time for the first brew and an amazingly fresh and tasty sandwich. Talking records, movies and nostalgic culture was the theme of the day while hanging and enjoying the beautiful weather. Then it was off to the venue of the night, the outstanting Trestle Inn, a unique Whiskey and Go-Go Bar whose owners and staff have a great taste in music, drinks and design. While Skeme and Scarce were rocking the decks, the dance floor was going crazy. Before heading back to Boston, the local Punk Rock Flea Market was on the list and offered just the right dose of sunny digging through vintage memorabilia and paraphernalia. Thank you, Philly, for your hospitality and best imaginable finish of this year's tour!

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017

Scarce One @ Soulelujah & New England Impressions

On the second but last stop on his Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017, last weekend, Scarce One had some sort of home game as he had the great opportunity to play records at Cambridge's very own Soulelujah party - one of the strongest soul dance gatherings in the United States. Not only have Claude Money and the entire SLLJ crew been doing an outstanding job in establishing and expanding this weekly night covering all shades and colors of soul music. Also the venue, the staff at ZuZu and the incredible crowd contribute to a unique experience. So after more than one year, Scarce was truly excited to make his return and well, it was a night to remember for sure. Before heading to the show, however, it was time to spent some days at the beautiful New England coast up in Maine including its famous Nubble Lighthouse and a terrific view on top of Mt. Agamenticus. Some nice shots of downtown Boston and its skyline complement the true Soulelujah weekend experience (togethter with one or two cans of the incredibly tasty Notch Pilsener). Thank you!

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2017

St. Louis Impressions

Last Saturday, Scarce One kicked-off the second half of his Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017 with a trip to St. Louis for the city's own BUMP & HUSTLE party. As you can tell from the quick shot above, the famous Gateway Arch symbolizes the westward movement of U.S. settlers in the beginning of the 19th century. You notice the Arch immediately after crossing Mississippi River, which is also the natural border between the states of Illinois and Missouri.

After heading straight to Blank Space on Cherokee St., the venue of the night and a unique location combining the characters of a bar, a small-stage performance room, a grab-a-book-and-hang-out spot and a dark basement club floor - Scarce was immediately greated with a "City Wide Pilsener", the top-notch local brew. Later on, when doors were open, DJ's MAKossa and Nappy Needles dropped pure heat from the start and showed a great taste of music across different genres. After a night of sweaty dancing it was finally time to cool down on the porch before the sun welcomed the next beautiful day, when Scarce had to hit the road again.

The visit was (unfortunately too) short but sweet, and big thanks go out to the nice people involved in the BUMP & HUSTLE as well as huge respect to MAKossa for being such a great host and having established an outstanding night now 5 years strong!

Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

Scarce One @ Bump & Hustle


With beautiful weather (at least here in Boston) and the weekend right around the corner, it is time for Scarce One to continue his Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017. The next stop on his list is the Gateway City of St. Louis, Missouri, where he will join resident DJ's MAKossa and Nappy Needles for the 58th edition of the great BUMP & HUSTLE party at Blank Space. Make sure not to miss the fun if you are in the area, because it is time to hang, bump and hustle with some friends!

Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Providence Impressions

Hitting the halfway mark, the third stop of Scarce One's Forty-Five Grooves USA Tour 2017 took him to Providence, Rhode Island. He was joined by Soulelujah's own, Claude Money, as both were to play special guest sets at Soul Power, the city's legendary soul dance party. The the two hopped on the bus and after making it through the all-too-familar Friday afternoon rush hour traffic, they were immediately welcomed by the man himself, PVD's vinyl god Ty Jesso, who greeted them with an outstanding "What Cheer?" from the local Revival brewery.

After that it was off to Dusk club, a dope, compact venue where Soul Power always goes down. As you might tell from the picture, the party was nothing but great with a crowd that understood what it means when three DJ's, including local resident John O'Leary, take you on a journey through all the different shapes and forms of soul music.

Complementing the trip, the next day was dedicated to some serious sightseeing with deep excursions into Providence's rich and notorious history. Whether it is beautiful architecture, post-industrial areas, small bars, creative spaces or its famous Little Italy on Federal Hill, the city has a lot to offer. As of today, the latter might be not only the most authentic prevailing Italian-American neighborhood in the entire US. It was also home to many interesting people and stories that critically shaped the city's reputation of a major crimetown.